Hi and welcome to Room 8's blog. Keep checking this blog regularly as we will be posting photos of what we have been up to, sharing some of our work and also Miss White will be posting some general information.

We have had a great start to the year! Thank you parents for being so organised with bringing in stationery. Miss White has loved meeting us and our families and is very excited for the year ahead. We have been very busy learning new routines and are very enthusiastic about swimming in particular.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Until about week 7 (depending on the weather), we will be swimming on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday is our library day. We need to remember to bring our library books back on Mondays so that we can get out another one.

We have milk on Tuesdays and Thursdays (except for the children that don't want milk).

Discovery time is on Friday.

We need to make sure we bring our hats otherwise we have to stay in the shade!


On Mondays, we will bring home our homework books. In we will have stuck in a sheet with the weeks homework on it. Some basic facts and 5 spelling words to practise. This homework is to come back on Friday and we will mark it together and have a mini spelling test on these words.

Monday to Thursday, we will bring home a reader- usually one that we have already read at school. Please read this with me and bring it back the next day in my book bag.

On Friday, we will bring home our poetry folder. This is to keep and read over the weekend and bring back on Monday.

Room 8

Room 8 is a Year 1 and 2 class at Hampden Street School in Nelson, New Zealand.

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