Descriptive Writing

We have been working on writing descriptions. The best descriptions make us imagine a picture in our heads. One great way to describe something is to use a simile! Today we described this scene, making sure we used some similes. Here are three examples of our writing today, look at all the WOW words!

The clouds are as fluffy as snow. The river is shimmering in the sun. The background is surrounded with trees. Also, the mountains are so rocky. The trees are surrounding the pond.
- Myah

The water was shimmering and the sky is reflecting in the water. The grass is as green as goggly-googs. The clouds are as white as snow.
- Bonnie

There was a really stunning lake. The lake was in a valley. The trees were as green as the grass.
- Tamatoa

Room 8

Room 8 is a Year 1 and 2 class at Hampden Street School in Nelson, New Zealand.