Our New Penpals

We now have penpals in Wellington- the Korimako class at Khandallah School where Miss White used to teach! We sent them our first email today as a class and had a look at their school on Google maps. They have two playgrounds and their school is on a hill.

We are really looking forward to them replying!

Here's what our email said:

Dear Korimako and Mrs Martindale,

How are you? We are good at Hampden Street School. We would love to be your penpals.

Hampden Street School is awesome. It is in Nelson. It's a big school with about 450 kids. We love doing discovery time. At discovery time we do sports, art and toys like trains, cars and groovy girls. At writing time, we look at a picture or a video and write about it. This is called penspiration. There are 23 kids in Room 8. There are 13 boys and 11 girls (including our teacher Miss White).

We were wondering if you also have discovery time? What does you classroom look like inside? We have seen it on Google maps. Do you have a library at your school? Why don't you have a room number? How many kids are in your school and in your class?

We hope you have a lovely day. We wish you could come to our school to see us. We hope you reply!

From Room 8 

Room 8

Room 8 is a Year 1 and 2 class at Hampden Street School in Nelson, New Zealand.

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