Stormy Writing

The picture was as blue as the crumbling waves. I could see a hurricane coming towards me. I could hear voices screaming "Jump off the ship!". It was colossal.  I thought I was going to fall off the titanic ship. In two seconds, I jumped off. Soon I was swimming in the water with the jabbing waves on top of me. I smelled smoke. Trees started flying into the waters. Soon I was bobbing in the water and everything looked black. I was screaming "Help!".  No one helped me. Then I gave up but I could not stop thinking about it. I still lived. I swam back to shore after the storm had breaked.
- Anice

The waves are crashing through the ocean. The waves are big. They are very big. The boat might crash and the people might cause a shipwreck. The lightening is zooming across the sky. It is blue and it is cool. I like the waves.

Room 8

Room 8 is a Year 1 and 2 class at Hampden Street School in Nelson, New Zealand.